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Big thanks to Lossa Engineering for allowing us to use their product imagery for this demo. Below is the story of how the company got started:

"I grew up and lived in Southern California my whole life and I’ll never leave! Both sides of my family owned motorcycle dealerships, one being the Harley dealership, Van Nuys Cycle, the other a dealership in North Hollywood selling Yamaha, Norton, Matchless, Ossa, Kawasaki and Lambretta scooters in the 60′s. I have always been around bikes and cars and learned how to work on them from watching my dad. Plus we always went to see dirt track racing, drag racing and attended every huge car and bike show. One time, I remember riding up to Laguna Seca Raceway to see Kenny Roberts last race on the back of my dads Yamaha XS1100, it was great times.

In 1998 I quit my day job and started to build Trucks and Hot Rods full time. For 10 years I built numerous magazine cover vehicles, Sema vehicles, show trucks and customs here in the US and several that were exported to Japan. My builds have been featured in just about every truck and car magazine including several Japanese magazines.

In 2002 I closed my shop and turned it into a mail order performance parts business. I have designed and manufactured intake tubes and under-drive pulleys for trucks for the past several years. At that time I also went to work for a famous bike builder, to build and work on his personal car collection. I was obviously always around bikes and I started to ache for another one of my own. I hadn’t owned a bike for almost 10 years. I always dug Cafe bikes and vintage race bikes, so after I moved on from the famous bike builder, I picked up a Ducati Monster then a ’77 CB550 Honda. By the time I finished building my first Honda Cafe bike I had built up a collection of over 10 vintage Honda’s from the 60′s & 70′s.

During all this time I have learned how to weld, fabricate sheet metal, machine parts, paint, upholster, rebuild and hot rod motors and basically create anything from scratch. The only part of our bike builds we do not do in house is the powder coating, chroming, zinc plating and polishing, we hand these tasks off to the best in the business.

My bikes are solely my interpretation, yeah, my cafe racers aren’t traditional style, who cares! I make them in the tradition of the original racers by striping off all the bullshit and making them perform better and faster! I have only just begun to scratch the surface, once I get all these ideas out of my head, people will either be amazed or think I’m insane."